Kinesio Taping at the Olympics

Polyclinic in Athens, 2004

At the Athens Olympics in 2004, Kinesio Taping was introduced as a new physiotherapy taping treatment. The Polyclinic in Athens was staffed by around 50 sport physiotherapists from a variety of countries around the world, including a certified Kinesio Taping Instructor from Italy - Mr Cosimo Bruno. The most up-to-date treatments were offered to injured athletes including, hydrotherapy, manual therapy, exercise, isokinetics and Kinesio Taping. Over 600 athletes were treated within the clinic during the Games.

Simone Raineri
Italian Rower
3rd in the M4x/H2 2004.
  Kinesio Taping the finger of a competing wrestler.   Kinesio Taping an athlete for Plantar Fasciitis.   Taping for the Gastrocnemius.
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