Kinesio arm taping as prophylaxis against the development of Erb's Engram
By Journal of Advanced Research | 01 October 2012
Type:Control Group
Sample Size:30

An Erb's Engram is a common debility that develops in recovering children with Erb's palsy. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of kinesiotaping over the deltoid and the forearm on the development of proper upper extremity function in children recovering from Erb's palsy. Thirty patients with Erb's palsy participated for 3 months in this study and were equally divided into two groups; control group A and study group B. The two groups received the same designed physical therapy program, while group B along the program, received kinesiotaping over the deltoid and the forearm. The subjects were evaluated, pre and post-treatment, and scored functionally, using the Toronto Active Motion Scale, and objectively, using an EMG device utilized to obtain the percentages of degeneration of the deltoid and the biceps muscles. Post-treatment values of six out of nine measured variables, between the two groups, revealed significant difference in favor of group B. The obtained results strongly support the introduction of kinesiotaping of the deltoid and the forearm as an adjunct to the treatment program of Erb's palsied children.

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