Kinesio Tape for Treatment of Lower Eyelid Festoons
By Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery | 01 December 2018
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Festoons represent a chaellenging aesthetic condition with limited treatment options. Kinesio tape has been used to address lymphedema, among other applications. This application led us to use the tape for resting lower eyelid festoons and to apply Kinesio postoperatively to minimize festoon formation or exacerbation after routine opthalmic plastic surgery.

We observed that nightly taping of the malar mound in an upward vector for minimum of 3 months results in noticeable improvment. The tape can also be applied after surgery to minimize post operative edema, and possibly ecchymoses, as reported with Steri-Strips after rhinoplasty. Kinesio taping may be considered as a treatment options for lower eyelid festoons.

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