Influence of pelvic padding and Kinesiology Taping on pain perception, kinematics, and kinetics of falls in female volleyball athletes
By Gait & Posture | 01 July 2018
Sample Size:24


Volleyball digging techniques may cause pelvic injuries among female volleyball athletes. Pelvic padding and Kinesiology Taping (KT) may reduce impact force and pain and improve posture during a fall. This study examined the effects of pelvic padding and KT on pain perception, fall kinematics, and kinetics among female volleyball athletes.


Twenty-four female volleyball athletes were exposed to two pelvic padding scenarios (with and without padding) and two KT conditions (with and without KT applied on the rectus abdominis muscle) during a fall in the forward direction. The maximum impact force during landing and maximum acceleration of the pelvis were registered using a force platform and an accelerometer, respectively. The maximum lumbar (hyper) extension angle, forward reach distance, and total fall time were measured by video analysis. Pain level was quantified using a visual analog scale.


The application of pelvic padding (with and without KT) reduced pain when compared to the no padding condition (p < 0.008). Applying KT alone reduced forward reach distance when compared to the ?pelvic padding and KT' condition (p < 0.010). In fact, when both pelvic padding and KT were applied, participants reached further when compared to the ?no pelvic padding and no KT' condition (p < 0.001). No significant main and interaction effects were found in all other outcomes.


Volleyball shorts with pelvic pads are recommended for female volleyball athletes to reduce pain in the digging maneuver and may help to increase their forward reach distance. However, KT is not recommended as it reduces the forward reach distance and cannot reduce pain or improve fall kinematics and kinetics.

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