A comparative study of surgical drain placement and the use of kinesiologic tape to reduce postoperative morbidity after third molar surgery
By Clinical Oral Investigations | 19 April 2018
Sample Size:23


Our aim was to compare the effects of the surgical drain and kinesiotape applications on postoperative morbidity after mandibular third molar surgery in a split-mouth study design.

Materials and methods

A single-centre, split-mouth study was performed in 23 patients who needed surgical removal of bilateral mandibular third molars. Each patient was treated with a drain tube on one side of the mandible and Kinesio tape (KT) on the contralateral side.


Swelling was significantly greater in the KT group than in the drain group throughout the study period. The groups did not differ significantly in the amount of trismus at any time point. The Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)-measured pain intensity was significantly lower in the drainage group. Patients with KT had greater postoperative discomfort than those with a drain tube. All patients were generally satisfied with their treatments.

Clinical relevance

Although both treatments were useful, a surgical drain was significantly more effective at reducing swelling and pain intensity than Kinesio tape. The effects of both on trismus were similar.

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