Case Report: Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Kinesio Taping in the Secondary Malignant Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema in an Arm With Arteriovenous (A-V) Fistula for Hemodialysis
By American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine | 09 August 2012
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Lymphedema is a dreaded complication of breast cancer treatment. The standard care for lymphedema is complex decongestive physiotherapy, which includes manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), short stretch bandaging, exercise, and skin care. The Kinesio Taping could help to improve lymphatic uptake. We reported a patient with unilateral secondary malignant breast cancer-related lymphedema and arteriovenous (A-V) fistula for hemodialysis happened in the same arm, and used kinesio taping, MLD, and exercise to treat this patient because no pressure could be applied to the A-V fistula. The 12-session therapy created an excellent effect. We do not think the kinesio taping could replace short stretch bandaging, but it could be another choice for contraindicating pressure therapy patients, and we should pay attention to wounds induced by kinesio tape.

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