Kinesio Taping for Neck Strain
By Kinesio UK | 02 October 2019
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Everyday activities like working on a computer, sitting at desk or sleeping can cause neck strain - especially if they force you to hold your neck in an awkward position for a long period of time.

A neck strain is an injury to the muscles that attach to and move the head and upper part of the spine - the symptoms can include muscle spasm, reduced flexibility and pain. You will find a simple Kinesio Taping neck application below:


  1. Cut an approximately 20cm "Y" strip of tape. Remove the paper backing from the anchor. Place the anchor of the tape strip without stretching the tape, in the center of the spine about 5-10cms below the anchor of the neck.
  2. Tilt head forward and to the left. Begin applying the right tape tail up the right side of the neck. Be careful not to apply the tape tail over loose hair.
  3. Using the left tape tail, repeat the previous step for the opposite side of the neck.
  4. Once applied in the correct place, it is important to rub both tape tails to activate the adhesive.
  5. Next, cut an "I" strip of tape approximately 10-12cm in length. Tear the tape's paper backing in the center of the tape strip and expose the centre portion of the adhesive. Using minimal tension, apply the tape strip over the strained portion of the neck. Apply ends with no stretch. Rub the tape. Application complete.

We would always recommend visiting a Kinesio Taping therapist for advice and a full assessment of your condition. You can contact Kinesio UK to see if there is someone in your local area. Alternatively, you can purchase Kinesio Tape or Neck Pre-cut packs online: Therapists ( or public (

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