Weightlifting - Let Kinesio Take The Strain
By Kinesio UK | 18 September 2019
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The 2019 World Weightlifting Championships is coming to a close this week in Pattaya, Thailand.

As an activity, #weightlifting has a long history dating back to prehistoric times. Modern weightlifting competitions have their roots with 18th and 19th century strong men who performed in theatres and circuses, before the sport was finally introduced into the Olympics in 1896. Today, Olympic lifting is the kind of weightlifting you see in the Olympics - the lifts are very technical and different from those seen in the more recent disciplines of powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Weightlifting is a technical and dynamic sport and it requires a great deal of strength and coordination so, inevitably, injuries often occur. We frequently see #KinesioTaping being used for recovery by athletes taking part in the sport. So, this week, we thought we would take a look at some of the most common injuries and provide some tips for applying #KinesioTape for the top injury on the list:

  • - Lower back injuries
    Often cause by poor posture and improperly performing deadlifts and squats, back issues and pain are very common. See our guide below for some Kinesio Taping advice.

  • - Shoulder/rotator cuff injury
    Shoulder injuries and rotator cuff issues can be caused by overuse of the muscles. However, in weightlifting, these injuries often occur from the bench press.

  • - Wrist tendonitis
    This is usually caused by bending the wrists, when the wrists should be maintaining a neutral position - angled upwards.

  • - Knee injuries
    Make sure that you warm up before lifting to avoid knee issues and pain when performing squats.

A trained Kinesio Taping therapist can help you to assess your injury and advise on the best way to tape for your specific issue. A standard Kinesio Taping back application (like the one shown) may help to provide support. This application is available in a pre-cut product or you can purchase a roll and cut an application to fit. You'll need three strips and someone to help you apply the tape - we've included some step by step pictures in our post. You can purchase pre-cut and rolls on our website - http://bit.ly/2ZwmVcX and through other online retailers.

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