Kinesio Fan Cut Focus!
By Kinesio UK | 28 August 2019
Kinesio Fan Cut

From #lymphoedema to an ankle sprain, if you haven't used #Kinesio Fan cut tape they're an easy and great way to tape for swelling. Kinesio Fan Cuts are made from the same tape as Kinesio Tex Classic - featuring a wave pattern and heat-activated medical-grade adhesive.


  • - Help with the removal of #oedema and inflammation by assisting fluid towards a less congested pathway and lymph node
  • - Good for taping ankle/knee sprains or a bruised hamstring to reduce swelling
  • - Saves valuable time
  • - Comes pre-cut into five separate tape tails which eliminates the need to cut the tape to form the "Tails" required for fan taping
  • - Strips can be applied singly or in combination to create the most effective lymphatic drainage taping
  • - The backing of each strip has cut lines clearly marked, allowing the size to be customised
Kinesio Fan Cut applied

If you're a patient, we'd recommend seeking advice from a trained practitioner. This is especially important when taping for medical conditions, such as lymphoedema. A trained therapist can assess, provide advice and show you how to apply the tape for you specifically.

You can purchase Kinesio Fan cut from our website - For therapists, you can buy this product from the B2B website and access your discount:

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