Dr Kase - Founder of Kinesio Taping
By Kate Slater | 27 April 2019

"Many people have been involved with Kinesio Taping, but at the very beginning it was just me.

More than 40 years ago I had rheumatoid patients who would come to my clinic repeatedly, depending on me to help with pain and mobility. While each patient was in the clinic, I was pleased that I was able to ease these issues. Eventually, I noticed that in between sessions the patient would revert to old movement patterns and come back with the same symptoms again. I thought how could I help these people stay adjusted between appointments?

Gradually I began to understand that something additional would be needed. Maybe tape could have a sustainable effect even after the patient left the clinic?

I tried some solutions and thought of some different concepts, before creating the idea of how to use tape. I also began to envision the original Kinesio tape prototype. There were mistakes in the thinking and mistakes in practice before I came up with the right taping concept.

At first, I looked into adapting tape products designed for other purposes. Unfortunately they were all were missing attributes I needed or had extra attributes I didn?t want. No one, other than me, understood the concept of making such a tape. In the end, I realised I had to set up a process to make it myself. It was never my idea to start a business, only to help my patient outcomes.

For the purpose of the tape, selection of tape materials, glue, backing paper to determine water breathability, etc. is important. It is necessary to create a product that has properties similar to human skin.

Our mission is clear - more than the taping, our concern is to make people healthier. This is what we mean by our slogan ?Taping the World for Health.? It expresses my sincere feelings of returning to my original intention to make the people and patients worldwide happy and healthy."

Kenzo Kase
Founder of Kinesio

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