Taping on Tour
By Laura Slater | 25 July 2018

Taping on Tour - Cycling with Knee Pain

Using Kinesio Tape has become a popular way to provide muscle injury support for athletes taking part in a wide variety of sports. With this year's Tour de France well underway, we thought we'd provide a short guide for the 'most seen' cycling injury - Knee Pain - and how Kinesio Tape can assist with recovery.

The 105th edition of the race began on July 7th in north west France and will finish in Paris on July 29th. Over the course of 21 stages, riders undertake six mountain stages - three with summit finishes - one individual time trial, one team time trial, eight flat stages giving opportunities for the sprinters, and five moderately hilly stages - a total distance of around 3229km. Inevitably, this gruelling schedule takes it's toll on those taking part and we've already spotted tape on the knees of some of this years riders.

So, here are some of our top tips for cyclists with knee issues:

  1. Knee Pain

    Patellofemoral syndrome and patellar tendonitis are the two most common cycling-related injuries caused by overuse, weak muscles and improper bike fit. You can try to avoid these painful injuries by:

    1. Stretching prior to activity - especially your IT band and quadriceps.
    2. Increasing your cadence so that you are pedalling over 80 rpm. This will put less stress on your knee joints and will assist with kneecap tracking.
    3. Check your bike fit and positioning - a seat that is too far forward can put undue stress on your knee joints - especially in the front of the knee. Cranks that are too long can create an incorrect riding angle and small adjustments to your shoe cleats can make a difference - overly tight cleats can cause strain from repeated unclipping.

A standard Kinesio Knee taping application is a great way to provide support without restricting your range of motion. If you're new to Kinesio Tape, we would recommend a Kinesio Knee Pre-cut (available from Kinesio UK, Amazon & Ebay) or, if you've had advice from a therapist, you can use a Kinesio Classic roll and cut to fit.

Check out our knee taping images and guide below. If you're struggling from long term, persistent pain - it's a good idea to see a physiotherapist, osteopath or medical professional for assistance.

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