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By Laura Slater | 30 January 2018

With January being the most popular month in the year to kick-start a new exercise regime or join a gym, we're looking at core-strength.

Many people only recognise the abdominal muscles as the body's core, but the core structure is much more. Composed of the upper and lower abdominals, the side, back, psoas and glutei muscles it provides a muscular framework that protects internal organs, helps with movement and provides balance for the whole body. You may not be aware of it, but you use your core all of the time - whether it's carrying groceries or your children, you're relying on your core as the foundation.

Effective core work in exercise is often overlooked. However, as well as helping to produce the toned abdominal muscles you're searching for, it can also assist with:

  • - Strengthening and improving stabilisation
  • - Improving spinal and postural control
  • - Helping to tighten and flatten the stomach
  • - Improving your transfer of power

So whether you're getting back into fitness, or you've just started the New Year with a new fitness regime, working on your core within your exercise plan will help to increase stability and balance. Best of all, you can find lots of easy core exercises for beginners which don't require expensive equipment or a gym membership.

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