Taping team are tops
By Kate Slater | 04 September 2013

Not only is the world?s most expensive footballer Gareth Bale, an avid fan of the brightly coloured therapeutic taping, but one of Kinesio UK?s partners, have been nominated for prestigious awards for their work with Kinesio.

Eric Murphy, a multi-award winning photographer and winner of North East Photographer of the Year, has been working with Kinesio UK since 2011 and has taken numerous pictures of Kinesio fan Gareth Bale.

Eric, has now been shortlisted for the prestigious British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) Peter Grugeon Award for his photographs, which include some fantastic studio and location shots of athletes wearing Kinesio Taping.

Eric is originally from Glasgow and now works from a studio in Whickham, Tyne & Wear. He has 20 years of photographic experience under his belt and graduated from Blackpool and Fylde College before learning the ropes in London working freelance and then heading North to Newcastle. He enjoys the diverse, varied commissions that working in Newcastle offers and says: "I'm passionate about the power of fantastic photography and am thrilled to have been nominated for this award. Working with Kinesio UK and with Gareth Bale has given me a lot of scope for creative flair. I've enjoyed it immensely and look forward to many more interesting commissions from Kinesio in the future."

Kevin Anderson, Managing Director of Kinesio UK is equally pleased at his partner's success. He says: "Kinesio Tape is a fantastic, effective product that helps people of all ages, but in order to communicate that to the outside world, we need the top, professional people to help us. With Eric's incredible photography, we are well on the way to Kinesio Tape becoming a household name and a must in every first aid kit."

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